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Hebei Minmetals Signed Strategic Agreement with Sinosure

June 13th 2013,Hebei Minmetals Co., Ltd. (Hebei Minmetals)  and China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation(Sinosure) signed a strategic agreement in Shijiazhuang,Hebei. 

Mr. Hu Kebiao, the Pridident of Hebei Minmetals, Mr. Li Tongan, the CEO of Hebei Minmetals and Mr. Wang Yi, the CEO of Sinosure, attended the meeting. Hebei Minmetals became the first insurant for which Sinosure would  underwrite the risk of customer canceling order before shipment.

Mr. Hu Kebiao said, Sinosure has provided significant support for Hebei Minmetals in oversea business. This agreement will assist Hebei Minmetals in implementation of international strategy. The two parties will build long-term strategic cooperation in the future.

Mr. Wang Yi said, Sinosure will provide full support to Hebei Minmetals in oversea business development. The strategic agreement indicates cooperation between the two parties has enhanced.