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Leaf Spring FAQ

WHAT function do leaf springs serve?

Besides supporting the weight of a vehicle, the leaf springs control the ride height and keep the tires in contact with the road. Springs also affect alignment angles and are the most important components in controlling the "feel" of a vehicles suspension system. 


WHAT is spring rate and load rate?

Spring rate is the amount of force that is required to compress, extend, or twist a spring one inch. Usually spring rate is measured in pounds per inch. Load rate is a is the amount of weight the spring is designed to carry at a certain height.


WHAT is a multi-leaf spring?

Multi-leaf springs consist of more then one plate of spring steel. 


WHAT is a mono leaf spring?

Mono (single) leaf springs consist of one plate of spring steel. Usually the spring is tapered and is thick in the middle and tappers out thinner to the ends. 


WHAT is a overload?

An overload is a second stage leaf spring which is engaged when load is applied. It is usually located at the bottom of a leaf spring assembly. Most of the time it is tapered. Top mount overloads are auxiliary overloads located at the top of a leaf spring assembly.


WHAT is a Add-A-Leaf?

An Add-A-Leaf is a extra leaf added to a leaf spring pack. Add leafs are installed to increase vehicle carrying capacity or to create a firmer ride.. They are also used to lift vehicle ride height. The number or leafs added and the thickness of the leafs directly determine the percentage of ride quality/height change.


WHY replace Leaf springs?


There are several reasons to replace leaf spring:

Worn or sagging springs - Weak springs lower the chassis height of a vehicle, resulting in premature tire wear and poor handling characteristics.

Sagging when loaded - Vehicles used for family transportation, RV's, works trucks, or sales fleets can benefit from upgrading to heavier duty leaf springs.

Broken original springs - Certain vehicles have been known to have a very high faliure rate of broken springs.


HOW to measure a leaf spring?